blues, maar dan anders!


Swinging blues based on shuffles and boogies

BlueSox plays an exciting mix of swinging blues and rhythm and blues based on shuffles and boogies: a groove and rhythm based band. The band plays strong own work and songs inspired by the Texas blues scene with a leading role for great harmonica playing.

The band has been around for more than 25 years now and still manages to get plenty of gigs in various venues, from cafés to spots on festivals. In recent years, they played Blues and Roots Festival in Brühl, Germany and shared the stage with Erick Steckel and Sean Webster. Recently, they were asked to do the ‘cool down’ for Johan Derksen’s ‘Keeping the Blues Alive’ tour. Notwithstanding how much they enjoy playing these bigger events, they are more than happy to live it up at your local pub just around the corner.

BlueSox are Cor Paridaans (vocals/guitars) who is also mainly responsible for coming up with the ideas for tunes and lyrics; Ruurd ‘Skinnydog’ van der Vegt (vocals/harmonica); Hanz Aarts (drums) and Peter Zerner (bass guitar).

Cor and Ruurd are both well aware of the fact that in a groove/rhythm based band the drums and the bass guitar are paramount. Without those two you’d better pack it in and go fishing….. 

BlueSox generally manage to get folks dancing. It’s all a matter of ‘hanging in there’ and not giving up that easily. They mostly play three-set gigs that never fail to get people bobbing their heads and tapping their feet before they give in and start boogying with the band.

If you want a sample without leaving the comfort of your home, please check their website If you want to experience the real deal, come and see BlueSox! They’re never too far away.


BlueSox, liveregistratie van optreden bij Sound & Vision, ROC Tilburg, 2017, eindmix door Jeroen van Peer van Serious Sounds, Grave


BlueSox Compilatie 3, Live in Podium 10, Bladel, geluid, video en eindmix  door Corné Biekens